Friday, May 7, 2010

6 weeks and counting

WOW so its been a while! So much has happened I will try to start from where I left off...Sweet Sixteen, well we won our sweet sixteen game but lost in the elite eight to DOOK...SO SO SAD it was really hard for the entire family but I am over it now, it was nice revenge that a day later our lady bears beat the lady blue devils to make it to the final four! Which just so happened to be the day before my birthday! It was sad that we lost but I look at the positive and at least when both of our BU basketball teams lost it was to this years National Championship Team! Good Job Bears! I am proud to be a Baylor Bear! Sic'em!!!!

My birthday was great CP and I didn't do too much he just took me to a really awesome restaurant downtown and it was really good! And he got me clothes for my birthday and did a great job! A girl can always use some clothes! That following weekend was Easter and I headed to TX to see my family for my bridal shower and bachelorette party! It was lots of fun got lots of great stuff! Unfortunately, spring in TX did not like me and I came home sick!!!

The past couple weeks nothing too big has been going on just trying to workout and lose more weight which I haven't done until this week!!!! I was on a platueau for 6 weeks! not good when your wedding is coming up and you are working out 5 days a week and only eating 1200 calories!!!! BOOO TO that!!!! I can not wait til Jamaica when I can eat whatever I want!!!! I think I am just sick and tired of dieting, it sucks! Too much detail work for me involved in counting calories! But I will keep up the working out after the wedding I have worked too hard to gain back the 17 lbs I have lost! I only need bout 8 more and I will be a happy girl for the wedding so we will see if I can do that.

CP and I have started playing tennis, we haven't played a game yet but it is great quality time that we get to spend together not in front of a TV!!! And it's even more fun to play with other people! Thanks Amy and Kaz for introducing me to it! (CP already knew how to play but I hadn't ever picked up a racket, and if I have to say so myself I am doing much better!)

This weekend we are going with Amy and Kaz to Pawley's Island. It's about 2 hours north of us and close to Myrtle Beach. We are not going to do too much maybe play tennis go, to the beach/pool, play cards and hang out! It will be nice to kick off the crazy season that is called my wedding!

Monday will be 6 weeks til the wedding and I am headed to TX so mom and I can get some last minute stuff done, then her, dad and I are driving back and they will be here a week. Then memorial day weekend CP and I will head to Cincinnati for a shower up there that CP's mom is throwing us, then to Charlotte the following week for his brothers HS graduation and then finally its the weekend before the wedding and we will be here, hopefully not stressing too bad and then off to Jamaica for the wedding! Its gonna be INSANE!!!!! So if I don't get on here much you will know why! Anyways so this is what's going on in my life...Hope everyone else is having a grand ole time!

And OMG I almost forgot the most important part that has happened so far!!!! As of Sunday I offically have an MBA!!!!!! NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME EVER!!!!!!!WHOOOPPEEEEE DOOO DAAAA DDDDAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! ( I just annoyed my bff for using more than one letter in my words sorry age, but had to show exactly how excited I am about that!!!! hehe!!!!