Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neglect... is what I have done with my blog. And I am sorry. I keep thinking that I have to have something to talk about in order to blog, and the truth is that not much is going on in my life. I am still looking for a job and it sucks really bad! It's driving me crazy that's for sure and putting a strain on me so I am now doing a mixture of a couple of things. One, I am working at the cruise ship terminal checking people into the boat...please if you are going on a cruise anytime soon make sure you either have a passport or a real birth certificate not the one with the feet that the hospital gives you. It really makes me sad when we have to turn people away who don't have the right documentation! Second, I am working at The Limited, which sucks because it is retail, but I am trying to think of a positive about it so I get a great discount which is is a strange thing, all the girls I work with there all have a college degree and started working there because they can't find an 8-5 job here...isn't that just wonderful (insert sarcastic tone of voice here)! I am going to start on Monday occasionally helping out some friends of ours here at their company and I am also babysitting Kate (the girl I use to nanny for) whenever they need me. None of these things are what I expected to do or want to do after I finished my masters but you do what you gotta do. I know that in the end God will provide the job that I am suppose to have I just need to wait for that time.

So that brings me to my next story which is the only exciting thing that has happened recently...Last week I was watching Kate while Ami went out on the town for a friends birthday. She said that she would be gone for a couple of hours that they were just going to dinner. This was at 8pm, so logically I am thinking somewhere between 10-11 she would be home. Bout 11 I started dozing on the couch, well at 11:20pm I wake up to a knock on the door...I assume it was Ami since it was pouring down rain and all I saw was the umbrella thinking it was her I opened the my surprise it was a man in his late 30's asking to use the restroom because he was walking home and he lived around the corner...I'm sorry but not NO but H to E to the double L NO! He gave me his business card and tried to give me his wallet but I said sorry I am not comfortable and shut the door in his face. And then tried to relax enough to calm myself down he didn't necessarily scare me but the situation did. When Ami got home she called the cops because there had been some strange things going on in the neighborhood recently so that was that and she called the number on the business card. The next morning she got a call back from this guy who turned out to be the guys boss. Apparently he had been drinking but in my case it was still not cool and I have learned a couple of, even if you are expecting someone to get to your house late at night make sure you check to make sure it is them and two I never want a door with glass that you can see through because if someone is at the door that you don't want to answer you can't do that very discreetly if they can see you and then it just becomes awkward.

OK, I will try not to neglect writing again but hopefully something will happen soon that I will actually be exciting to talk about. Hope everyone has a great evening!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, I'm a Mrs. Now!

So it's kinda sad that it has been almost 3 months since the last time I posted...but I warned you it could happen! The weeks before the wedding were crazy and quite stressful! In the month before the wedding I was in 10 different states! That was because mom dad and I drove back from TX and Chris and I drove to Ohio, but man oh man it was a lot of traveling and a lot of stress! Turns out U.S. indited drug dealers from Jamaica that cause 150 deaths or something like that on a small island doesn't help a soon-to-be-bride getting married there. Either way, alot went on, lots of hard decisions for Chris and I to make and it was not a fun situation and I really do not wish on anyone three weeks before their wedding, let alone any time in their life. I cried and cried and cried and it was not fun, but after decisions were made I put on my it's my wedding and I am going to do my best to make it the best I can face and went on with life, and now just try not to dwell on it too much or it makes me sad.

Now our wedding was fabulous I had lots of friends and family there and it all went by so fast that I really wish I could go back and just enjoy it a little more verses trying to just get everything done and taken care of but oh well, that's part of a brides job right! Well overall the wedding was just amazing and super special! I'll even put in some pics
Me and CPWhole Group

So, we left the RIU the day after the wedding to head to our honeymoon spot which was about 15 minutes down the road at the Couple San was a great secluded hotel that was great for couples and we met a couple of great ones, but the downside was that it rained everyday of the last 5 days we were there and by the end we were done and ready to come home and get back to everyday life! I know insane but there is only so much to do when you are on an island and its raining and Chris and I are active people and we get bored! But overall we had a great wedding and honeymoon so what more could you ask for.

Well after the HM we got back to CHS and both had to get back to work, luckily my work week was only a 3 day week and I got to get some stuff done around the house! That weekend was the 4th so CPs family was in from CLT and Tampa so we got some more family time with them which was definitely great times! The week after the 4th I found out that I only had 2 more weeks left working with Kate which was definitely bittersweet, mainly because I didn't have a job lined up since things got so crazy before the wedding I didn't have as much time to look for jobs as I would have liked and so here it is 3 weeks after that and I am offically unemployed, not something I like to be but I am looking and trying to keep up with this house wife stuff! We had a garage sale last weekend which was my first ever to be hosted on my own, I have no desire to do it again for a while but we did get rid of some stuff so that was nice. Now for the second week in a row I am working on cooking dinner every night which is a feat within its self considering I hate to cook but we have definitely become the boring married couple! Hopefully I wont wait as long to post next time and it will be with good news of getting a job! Well I will see yall soon! TTFN!

Friday, May 7, 2010

6 weeks and counting

WOW so its been a while! So much has happened I will try to start from where I left off...Sweet Sixteen, well we won our sweet sixteen game but lost in the elite eight to DOOK...SO SO SAD it was really hard for the entire family but I am over it now, it was nice revenge that a day later our lady bears beat the lady blue devils to make it to the final four! Which just so happened to be the day before my birthday! It was sad that we lost but I look at the positive and at least when both of our BU basketball teams lost it was to this years National Championship Team! Good Job Bears! I am proud to be a Baylor Bear! Sic'em!!!!

My birthday was great CP and I didn't do too much he just took me to a really awesome restaurant downtown and it was really good! And he got me clothes for my birthday and did a great job! A girl can always use some clothes! That following weekend was Easter and I headed to TX to see my family for my bridal shower and bachelorette party! It was lots of fun got lots of great stuff! Unfortunately, spring in TX did not like me and I came home sick!!!

The past couple weeks nothing too big has been going on just trying to workout and lose more weight which I haven't done until this week!!!! I was on a platueau for 6 weeks! not good when your wedding is coming up and you are working out 5 days a week and only eating 1200 calories!!!! BOOO TO that!!!! I can not wait til Jamaica when I can eat whatever I want!!!! I think I am just sick and tired of dieting, it sucks! Too much detail work for me involved in counting calories! But I will keep up the working out after the wedding I have worked too hard to gain back the 17 lbs I have lost! I only need bout 8 more and I will be a happy girl for the wedding so we will see if I can do that.

CP and I have started playing tennis, we haven't played a game yet but it is great quality time that we get to spend together not in front of a TV!!! And it's even more fun to play with other people! Thanks Amy and Kaz for introducing me to it! (CP already knew how to play but I hadn't ever picked up a racket, and if I have to say so myself I am doing much better!)

This weekend we are going with Amy and Kaz to Pawley's Island. It's about 2 hours north of us and close to Myrtle Beach. We are not going to do too much maybe play tennis go, to the beach/pool, play cards and hang out! It will be nice to kick off the crazy season that is called my wedding!

Monday will be 6 weeks til the wedding and I am headed to TX so mom and I can get some last minute stuff done, then her, dad and I are driving back and they will be here a week. Then memorial day weekend CP and I will head to Cincinnati for a shower up there that CP's mom is throwing us, then to Charlotte the following week for his brothers HS graduation and then finally its the weekend before the wedding and we will be here, hopefully not stressing too bad and then off to Jamaica for the wedding! Its gonna be INSANE!!!!! So if I don't get on here much you will know why! Anyways so this is what's going on in my life...Hope everyone else is having a grand ole time!

And OMG I almost forgot the most important part that has happened so far!!!! As of Sunday I offically have an MBA!!!!!! NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME EVER!!!!!!!WHOOOPPEEEEE DOOO DAAAA DDDDAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! ( I just annoyed my bff for using more than one letter in my words sorry age, but had to show exactly how excited I am about that!!!! hehe!!!!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Well the Bears made it to the sweet 16 and oh how sweet it is! Both our men and women's teams made it this year and it is just so totally AWESOME!!!! We play St. Mary's tonight and can I tell you I am already SO NERVOUS!!!! I am kinda sad because my entire family is in Houston going to the games and I am not there with them, but sometimes there are just commitments that you cant back out of. I just wanna say I am super proud of my bears for getting this far and cant wait to see what else you have in store for us fans.

As for an update on my weight loss. I have gotten to the point where I don't talk about it too much because I am scared to jinx it but as of yesterday, I had lost 13 lbs. Yeah! It's not where I want to be yet but I am doing pretty good. I am working out bout 5 times a week and I am on top of the calories I put in my mouth. Yes, every single one of them! My sister introduced me to a new iPhone app called mynetdaily: calorie counter and it is great it tells me exactly what I am doing right, what I am doing wrong, it calculates all of my calories for me and it puts me on a plan of how to meet my weight goals and by when. It is awesome!!!!! and its only .99!

Well not much else is going on right now, So I guess I will see you later! Oh and SIC'EM BEARS!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010 favorite month of the year!

I LOVE MARCH!!! For many reason March is totally awesome! First off, baseball season starts! For another Spring has usually already arrived and the Texas Bluebonnets have started to line the highways, one of my favorite things!!!! The main reason the majority of my life is my birthday is on the 30th and birthdays are huge in my family! (Fun Fact: I was born the day President Reagan was shot, I think it was part of my destiny to be a Republican). But as I have gotten older one of my all time favorite things is MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!!

About 6 years ago when I lived in NYC with my sister, her now "KREW" started a march madness pool. This was the Spring after the Summer 03 tragedy at Baylor and one of our top stars, John Lucas, transferred to Oklahoma State. Off of our team that year 3 players that transferred to other schools ended up taking their teams to the Sweet Sixteen...Oh the possibilities. Well, Heather and I ended up watching I think every single game we could and cheered on John Lucas as he scored a game winning 3 pointer all while sitting in her living room knitting scarves (yes I said knitting) we cheered for OK St all the way til their run ended and it was so much fun. I guess God was getting me ready to root for Okie St the rest of my life.

Two years ago, my beloved Bears made it to the Big Dance and I was so proud, unfortunately our run didn't make it to the 2nd round. But I was so proud of where those guys came from cause those Srs. chose to take a chance at Baylor at its worst and were able to do something and accomplish a dream. Well after a year absent in the tourney and making it to the NIT championship game, MY BOYS are BACK!!! And we're a 3 seed, A 3 SEED!!!! OH WOW!!! Well, we played today and I was such a nervous wreck! When it comes to BU sports I am a huge fan and always a wreck, especially when we are suppose to do good. See there have been so many disappointments along the way, I have to prepare myself for something bad to happen so I wont be crushed! Its the saying Hope for the Best, Prepare for the worst! That's my life when it comes to BU sports. Well I was doing that today, I was nauseous all day long because what if we don't live up to the Hype??? And my goodness there is hype, people are predicting us to be in the Final Four!!!! WHAT!?!?!? WTHeck!!!!! Well I will say, we won today, its WAS NOT pretty, but we got the W, I paced the entire last 3 minutes (even had to move furniture so I could, hehe). Hopefully we got all those nerves out and don't play like that the rest of the tourney, I may have a heart attack if we do. I hope we are able to live up to the hype but I dont think that I can rid of this something is going to happen nervousness, but I will say I believe and never have stopped believing in my bears! Its been a great year for those boys and they beat Texas 3 times (totally took me to my happy place)! So to my beloved Bears...I love you, you make me proud to be a Bear, now enjoy the "Big Dance", make the best run you can (I will still love you know matter what) and SIC'EM!

Friday, March 5, 2010

So its been a while...

So I have been meaning to post for like the last 3 weeks, it just didn't happen and I looked up today and realized that it had almost been a month. WHAT is my deal??? I will tell you it was the OLYMPICS!!! I L-O-V-E the Olympics, everyone in my family does. It was a tradition in my family to watch them and I just love them, which means for the entire 16 days they were on I had no motivation to do anything! I just wanted to watch them. Unfortunately, school does not wait for the Olympics to be over and neither does the wedding.

I feel like I have gotten a lot accomplished lately in regards to the wedding and I only have 2 months left of school EVER!!!!!!! I am so excited about that. But I feel really guilty at times. Because of the wedding, school, job, working out and all the every day stuff in life I don't always get to spend the best quality time with the people I love and mainly Chris. I feel like he gets the brunt of it since he's the one that basically sees me in passing because of all the commitments. I would love to just hand and go do something but if I don't do everything when will it all get done? Especially the things with deadlines...does anyone else ever feel this way?

I am having so motivation issues with working out, mainly I hate waking up early in the mornings for it! Because I dont get off work til 6-6:30 that puts me at home at almost 8 if I go to the gym, its crazy. I don't have an issue on Mondays for the weekend, its just the days I work, I hate it! But I will say I am doing really well on my 1390 calorie diet, that part I have not struggled with at all. I have finally lost some weight, not much but some so that is exciting but I don't like to talk about it because I feel like I will jinx it or something. That's about all that is going on right now. Hope all is well and I will try to not wait so long between post next time

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I am very good at procrastinating. It is not something that I like to do but as in everyone's life it happens. Right now I am procrastinating. I have some homework that I should be doing but I'm not. It is nothing too major just reading an HR chapter but I just don't want to do it right now. I told Chris yesterday, I would just like one day that I didn't have to work, think about school or the wedding, but I just don't think that is going to happen until after the wedding and then my free time will be focusing on finding a job...just one thing after another, but that is how life goes.

So I have been very discouraged lately in my working out, as of tomorrow I will have been working out for 4 weeks. Of these 4 weeks I have only missed 3 days of working out. Where I am getting discouraged is that I haven't even lost a pound. This has been very frustrating to me and is not motivating at all...and what is more frustrating is that the only thing I am drinking is Water and Coffee(and this only on weekends with no milk or sugar) and I have cut out anything fried or fattening...So now I am counting my calories to make sure I am not going over 1500, so far today I am at 710 and the only meals I have left are and afternoon snack (apple 72 calories) and dinner which I will probably have cereal or oatmeal for max of 250...that's like less than 1100 a day and I am still not losing weight...WTH!

Ok I am off of my soap box for now! Hope everyone has a great day and I will talk to yall soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick of School

So I am going to vent for just a bit here so please forgive! I am so tired of school right now. I am in my final semester of my MBA program and I am just ready to be done. I want to kill one of my professors who thinks a 40 question 3 hr quiz is just a quiz and we have one like this every week and that so called quiz is only 1 % of my grade. Now that is just insane! I know its because I have so much going on but I am just worn out with school. I am trying to push through because I only have 3 more month of school and then I will be done forever, but sometimes it is really hard to stay dedicated and motivated especially when I would rather be doing wedding stuff or hanging out with Chris. I think that is what I look forward to the most, is just going back to a time where I dont have anything that has to get done, yes I know that there will always be things and deadlines and what not but I am ready for this part to be over and the next begin.

So I have been really overwhelmed the past couple of days with everything that I have on my plate. I have been stressing out about some wedding stuff that I cant find and my mom tells me last night it will all happen in Gods timing. I know it will and that worrying about it is from the devil but it is so hard not to sometimes.

Most of you that are reading this know that my family and I are huge Baylor fans, well there are few teams that I really get satisfaction in beating, well on Saturday I had that feeling of Glee, and it was totally awesome. Our Baylor Men's Basketball team beat no. 6 Texas in Austin and it was AWESOME!!!! It was so much fun to watch and made me so happy. I just love it because not only did we have to beat them but the refs too, and I am not one to blam refs for losses but in some cases its there and in this one it was. But no matter what we beat those ugly orange "cows" (as my 4 y/o nephew was calling them). Hope everyone has a fantastic week, I will try to not take so long between posts next time! Bye yall!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekends and Workouts

So I am very proud of myself today. It is Sunday and I am on day 3 of my 4 day weekend (I work Tues-Fri so I always have a 3 day weekend) and so far I have worked out every single day of this weekend! Friday I went to Zumba with a friend and it was fun times, I still miss my kickboxing but I am hoping that this may eventually take the place of it. I was definitely sore by Sat but I pushed through it and spent and hour on the elliptical and treadmill. Today I decided to go a little light and just do the elliptical for 30 but I am very proud of myself for being as determined as I have been on this. I am even more excited to workout tomorrow because I just spent alot of time on my new workout playlist! Thanks D for helping me out with that!

Well, we figured out our invitation issues. We found a place that we could get everything and get it printed for a good price. So I am getting what I want and and my sister is going to design our invitations. YAY!!!! Now on to the next thing to figure out. We found the Groomsmen shirts so that is exciting, now we just have to find our jr groomsman and ring bearer shirts to match, hopefully that won't be too hard. Today, I sat down and tried to start a detailed list of everything that I have left and oh my it is overwhelming but I will get through it!

Now lastly, just want yall to know that I am not the best at grammar and spelling, it is not my strong point in life at all. So I am asking for your forgiveness in advance because this is something that I am doing for fun not to be corrected by people or to get made fun of. Hopefully yall will just love me for me! hehe! Yall have a great Monday tomorrow and have a blessed week! Later Yall!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Yall!

So were going to see how this works, I have had this site for a year cause I had to do it for a class. I'm not good at doing things like this consistently but we will see if I have the motivation.

Well I will officially be a Mrs. in 5 months. I cant wait for our wedding in Jamaica. I have just started working out in the last week to hopefully lose some of the weight that I put on when I didn't know I had my thyroid problem. So I guess we will see how hard it is for me to get it off. I am mad at myself cause I have waited this long, but with our buying the house, moving, starting a job, and grad school I just couldn't get to the gym. I am still having a hard time with that since I have to get up earlier than I am use to but I am super excited because our gym acquired a new location and I tried it out this morning. I am super stoked about it because it has the equipment I used when I was hardcore working out before and I got a great workout in this morning! Tomorrow morning I am meeting a friend and we are going to take a Zumba class together, hopefully we will have a blast! I have heard that they are super fun! The next thing I am going to work on is my workout playlist, I am getting bored with the one I have so let me know if you have any suggestions.

The main thing that I am working on right now are the invitations. I am having a really hard time because I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for invitations. I want my sister to design them and then I would just need to have them printed, but do you know how much people charge for printing these day, its ridiculous! Its almost like I need to just find something I like and not do the custom thing but I have searched and searched and either I am way to picky or there are just not too many cute things for a decent price. So we will see what happens, but I have to make a decision soon

Other than school, wedding, work my life doesnt consist of too much so we will see what all I have to talk about these days. Just expect lots of random thought!