Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neglect... is what I have done with my blog. And I am sorry. I keep thinking that I have to have something to talk about in order to blog, and the truth is that not much is going on in my life. I am still looking for a job and it sucks really bad! It's driving me crazy that's for sure and putting a strain on me so I am now doing a mixture of a couple of things. One, I am working at the cruise ship terminal checking people into the boat...please if you are going on a cruise anytime soon make sure you either have a passport or a real birth certificate not the one with the feet that the hospital gives you. It really makes me sad when we have to turn people away who don't have the right documentation! Second, I am working at The Limited, which sucks because it is retail, but I am trying to think of a positive about it so I get a great discount which is is a strange thing, all the girls I work with there all have a college degree and started working there because they can't find an 8-5 job here...isn't that just wonderful (insert sarcastic tone of voice here)! I am going to start on Monday occasionally helping out some friends of ours here at their company and I am also babysitting Kate (the girl I use to nanny for) whenever they need me. None of these things are what I expected to do or want to do after I finished my masters but you do what you gotta do. I know that in the end God will provide the job that I am suppose to have I just need to wait for that time.

So that brings me to my next story which is the only exciting thing that has happened recently...Last week I was watching Kate while Ami went out on the town for a friends birthday. She said that she would be gone for a couple of hours that they were just going to dinner. This was at 8pm, so logically I am thinking somewhere between 10-11 she would be home. Bout 11 I started dozing on the couch, well at 11:20pm I wake up to a knock on the door...I assume it was Ami since it was pouring down rain and all I saw was the umbrella thinking it was her I opened the my surprise it was a man in his late 30's asking to use the restroom because he was walking home and he lived around the corner...I'm sorry but not NO but H to E to the double L NO! He gave me his business card and tried to give me his wallet but I said sorry I am not comfortable and shut the door in his face. And then tried to relax enough to calm myself down he didn't necessarily scare me but the situation did. When Ami got home she called the cops because there had been some strange things going on in the neighborhood recently so that was that and she called the number on the business card. The next morning she got a call back from this guy who turned out to be the guys boss. Apparently he had been drinking but in my case it was still not cool and I have learned a couple of, even if you are expecting someone to get to your house late at night make sure you check to make sure it is them and two I never want a door with glass that you can see through because if someone is at the door that you don't want to answer you can't do that very discreetly if they can see you and then it just becomes awkward.

OK, I will try not to neglect writing again but hopefully something will happen soon that I will actually be exciting to talk about. Hope everyone has a great evening!