Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I am very good at procrastinating. It is not something that I like to do but as in everyone's life it happens. Right now I am procrastinating. I have some homework that I should be doing but I'm not. It is nothing too major just reading an HR chapter but I just don't want to do it right now. I told Chris yesterday, I would just like one day that I didn't have to work, think about school or the wedding, but I just don't think that is going to happen until after the wedding and then my free time will be focusing on finding a job...just one thing after another, but that is how life goes.

So I have been very discouraged lately in my working out, as of tomorrow I will have been working out for 4 weeks. Of these 4 weeks I have only missed 3 days of working out. Where I am getting discouraged is that I haven't even lost a pound. This has been very frustrating to me and is not motivating at all...and what is more frustrating is that the only thing I am drinking is Water and Coffee(and this only on weekends with no milk or sugar) and I have cut out anything fried or fattening...So now I am counting my calories to make sure I am not going over 1500, so far today I am at 710 and the only meals I have left are and afternoon snack (apple 72 calories) and dinner which I will probably have cereal or oatmeal for max of 250...that's like less than 1100 a day and I am still not losing weight...WTH!

Ok I am off of my soap box for now! Hope everyone has a great day and I will talk to yall soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick of School

So I am going to vent for just a bit here so please forgive! I am so tired of school right now. I am in my final semester of my MBA program and I am just ready to be done. I want to kill one of my professors who thinks a 40 question 3 hr quiz is just a quiz and we have one like this every week and that so called quiz is only 1 % of my grade. Now that is just insane! I know its because I have so much going on but I am just worn out with school. I am trying to push through because I only have 3 more month of school and then I will be done forever, but sometimes it is really hard to stay dedicated and motivated especially when I would rather be doing wedding stuff or hanging out with Chris. I think that is what I look forward to the most, is just going back to a time where I dont have anything that has to get done, yes I know that there will always be things and deadlines and what not but I am ready for this part to be over and the next begin.

So I have been really overwhelmed the past couple of days with everything that I have on my plate. I have been stressing out about some wedding stuff that I cant find and my mom tells me last night it will all happen in Gods timing. I know it will and that worrying about it is from the devil but it is so hard not to sometimes.

Most of you that are reading this know that my family and I are huge Baylor fans, well there are few teams that I really get satisfaction in beating, well on Saturday I had that feeling of Glee, and it was totally awesome. Our Baylor Men's Basketball team beat no. 6 Texas in Austin and it was AWESOME!!!! It was so much fun to watch and made me so happy. I just love it because not only did we have to beat them but the refs too, and I am not one to blam refs for losses but in some cases its there and in this one it was. But no matter what we beat those ugly orange "cows" (as my 4 y/o nephew was calling them). Hope everyone has a fantastic week, I will try to not take so long between posts next time! Bye yall!