Monday, March 24, 2014

New Strategy

So I am changing my strategy...I figure it is my one little word and if something isn't working for it then it is ok to change it...So when I commited to my one little word the thought of blogging about it seemed like the perfect idea to keep me accountable. Well the problem has come with the fact that if Joy is my word and keeping up with a blog to describe my joy is causing me not to be joyful I kinda find that as an issue. Especially because it is so much more time consuming to write the blog than to update my facebook status, so I think that if I am just posting my joy on FB everyone that is reading my blog would most likely see it anyway and I would be able to keep up that is my new stategy...sorry to yall who love to read my blog, I just hate writing it. But for one last time I will update my last 3-4 weeks joys on here, they just wont be in too much detail

1-Chris works in the yard every year, planting flowers and getting the yard ready for spring and summer, well he has been working hard at it again this year and bout 3 weeks ago, as much as I hate and I mean HATE!!! like worse than blogging, HATE, I got out in the yard to help him because I know he likes it when I am out there helping him, so I took my joy out of knowing that I was helping him with something he likes even though it was really my own personal HELL!!! Who knows maybe that doesnt qualify, but I like to think it does because I wasnt doing it for my enjoyment but to help him

2-so 2 weekends ago, Chris and I just kinda vegged out around the house, just me, him and Daisy was just nice to just be able to hang and be with each other and just enjoy each others company. Sometimes I think we forget to just stop and be in the moment and just enjoy each other and the life we share

3-so last week was just one of those weeks, dishwasher was leaking, washing machine busted, work stress going on with both of us...believe me I am thankful that these were the things we were dealing with and not anything serious but either way it can definitely be a damper on the mood...but I think the way I dealt with it best is Laughter, and no matter what the situation I was able to take joy in all this in Laughter, sometimes it is just the best medicine

4-lastly 7 words: Baylor Basketball, Sweet Sixteen, that is all

so be on the lookout for my joys in my FB posts...Hopefully I will actually get to them weekly this way

so I am out, til next time

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