Monday, February 10, 2014


So Chris and I may not have kids, but we do have a child. Her Name is Daisy and she is our doghter. She brings lots of Joy to Chris's and my life and can always put a smile on my face. Many of you may have seen these pics before but here are just a few ways that she brings Joy to our lives. FYI, this may just be a picture blog today! And please forgive my commentary as to what I think she is saying to me :)

Yes, she sleeps on my pillow, with her feet pushing into my head most of the night!
So Sweet!

MOM WHAT IS THIS WHITE STUFF!!! I DONT LIKE IT!! (fyi, she hates, and I mean HATES water and getting her feet wet)
Really MOM!!!

And now for my favorite thing to watch her do, only she can't know that I am watching or she will stop as soon as she sees that I am!
And here is a time I actually caught her on video, please excuse the shakiness and mess!
Hope you enjoyed my joy!

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