Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 19: Something you miss

So this could be so long
  1. My family, first and foremost
  2. My besties, you know who you are, I wish I could see you soon!
  3. TexMex...oh goodness what I would do for some good ole texmex, thank goodness for OTB out here
  4. Every other hometown restaurant in Waco, Leals, George's (they showed crazy wings on tv a couple of weeks ago during college gameday in Waco and it was torcher, I almost cried!), LaFiesta, Vitek, Kitok, Uncle Dans...need I go on, I am just making myself sad.
  5. Baylor games of all sports
  6. My Tuesday Crew, all of us got together at happy hour on Tuesdays just to hang out
  7. Multi-Lane Highways...way too many 2 lane roads around here that have to maneuver around rivers, I spend have my time driving b/c it takes so long to get anywhere in this town
  8. All of my friends and family being in the Central Time Zone, these 2-3 hour differences make it really hard to keep in touch and its not much fun. Plus its much better for watching sports at night!
Ok this is all for now...I hope I didnt bore you

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