Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27-Pets

We only have one...Miss Daisy, and we love her so! She is a pomapoo. She was Chris's but I have completely adopted her and she knows who her momma is. She can hardly stand it when I come home after work for me not to pay attention to her. I have to pick her up immediately so that she can say hi to me, and I so can get her to stop barking. She also completely sleeps on my side, at my pillow, so much so that she is sometimes my pillow, but she loves it and I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is super sweet and loves everyone, and she will lick you to if you ever meet her you better watch your nose, she has a fast tongue and it can get up there faster than you would likeBeing her prissy self, posing for momma
Her favorite place when we're not home, her daddy's pillow Her favorite place when we're home so she can be with us the entire time, Chris call her his shadow Her favorite spot on car trips...on top of my pillow, which in turn means on top of my head while I am sleeping, please excuse my no makeup, sleeping self :)

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