Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 9-Pictures of your friends

So I was trying to have a pic of all of them together and well, it just doesn't happen!!!! So there may be repeats of some but you will just have to deal :)
From Left to Right Rachel, Natalie, Donna, Sarah, Adrienne (Age)
Rachel, Natalie and Age have been my best friends since Jr High and High School
Donna and I met Freshman year at Baylor and Sarah is my little in my sorority.
I was so honored for them to come down to Jamaica to celebrate my wedding with us!
Included in this picture is Miss Trish who is also a great friend from Freshman Year at BU

This is Miss Lori & Melly, we became great friends through friends at Baylor

This is Angela, we became great friends while at Baylor

This is Casey and Greg, they are some of my best guys friends from High School

This is Amy, she was my photographer for our wedding and has become a great friend out here in Charleston

And lastly but certainly not least these are my sisters, Robyn and Heather and they are truly some of my best friends!

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