Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22: What's in your Make-up BAG?!?!?!?

BAG, BAG, I only get one BAG????? LOL, just kidding! I love make-up, I think this post is for me! There have been numerous occasions when I have had more than one make-up bag, I love it! But I have recently tried to start controlling my addiction and cut back. I sometimes think that I missed my calling to become a Make-up artist, I have done numerous friend's make-up for their wedding and even did my own on my wedding day, maybe one day I'll do it in a second career...Now on with the show!
The BAG!!!
The Majority of it's contents! FYI, I love MAC if you can't tell :)
Foundation/Powder-MAC Studio Tech or MAC Studio Fix
Bronzer-Refined Golden, never go without this stuff!
Blush-Plum Foolery
Eyeliner-Brown and Black waterproof both MAC
Mascara-Loreal Paris, Waterproof Black & Black/Brown, depends on if I am wearing brown or black that day on which one I choose :) This is the one item that does not leave my side, I gotta have it to make me feel like I am even awake!
EYES, my favorite, I have 20 different shades, not all shown...and I want more, my goal is to have the pallets from Mac that have 15 shadows each, I think I am on my way!
My basic 4 eyes that I wear daily. In order of how I put them on Malt, Sable (my favorite), Naked Lunch and Mylar, Oh how I love eyes from MAC...I stole this pic from my sister
Alternates...these are things that I don't use except in the summer or for special occasions, Super Sculpt Foundation, Sunny By Nature bronzer, and my 4 pallet of eyes not included in the above pic,

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