Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 4-Your parents

My parents, this is a picture of my parents from Chris and mine's wedding. My parents what am I suppose to say about them?

They have been the most amazing parents. They are the most supporting, loving, encouraging parents I could ask for. They always taught us that we could do whatever we wanted to do and made sure we always had the opportunities to do so even if it meant they had to sacrifice for us to do so. I know that growing up I didn't always see that but as I have gotten older I realized how much of themselves they sacrificed for us girls. They instilled in us our moral and values and gave us all our great work ethic. The most
important thing that they did was teach us about God and laid the foundation of him in our lives and for that I think them. I look to my parent so often for wisdom because I know that they always have my best interests at heart even if it is something that wouldn't benefit them.

Dad is a perfect Dad for three girls, he taught us all about sports and it is one of our favorite things to do as a family. He showed us by example what a Godly man is and how you should put God and your family first. He is a great father and husband and I am so glad that I had that example because I know many out there have not.

Mom is absolutely amazing as well, she has taught us to be who we are and care about others. She has a work ethic that has been passed down to each of us that I should thank her for. She can cook amazingly and although I don't have this quality yet, at least I know where to go to get great recipes! She is great example of always putting family first
. Thanks for teaching me how to be a wife and a mother even if I am not at that stage yet.

One of the things I am most thankful about is that they taught me to Love Unconditionally. That is one of the best things that I could have ask for and am lucky enough to have received from them. Thanks Mom and Dad for being great examples! I am so honored to be your daughter. I love yall!

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